Wax on, wax off


Carry a cell phone.


  • Placeholder.

Buy a notebook.

The dollar store carries them. Keep a log. At minimum, record:

  • Time and date of contact.
  • Name and description of each person involved. If police are involved:
    • Write down each officer's Uniform ID. This will be a number or Rank followed by Last name somewhere on their upper chest.
    • If an officer does not have any idetification on their uniform, ask for it. Be polite but firm. "Uniform ID" is a different designation than "Badge number." When asked for a badge number, many officers will supply their Uniform ID.
    • Ask for, and record, the occurence number. Depending on the Police Service, this might be refered to internally as incident or occurence, sometimes as or further as an information. Most of the time, asking for the "case number" will get you the public reference id you're looking for.
  • Statement of event - what happened?
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Yawcam Windows Magnus Lundvall Free • Unlimited cameras
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